Mauritius has become a major destination for South Africans either relocating and retiring or wanting to set up global company and trust structures for new business ventures or for housing existing global assets.

Brent Consulta’s team of seasoned professionals are committed to providing you with a pragmatic solution to your business needs in different areas. We focus on delivering solutions which leverage on the structuring and corporate governance for our clients.

We have a thorough knowledge of all types of corporate structures and can work with clients to provide the best and most appropriate support relating to the establishment, administration and accounting of corporate vehicles. With our in-house team of corporate secretaries and accountants, our corporate services team is ideally positioned to assist you while ensuring cost efficiency.

Our hands-on approach to business has helped us garner valuable industry knowledge, which we combine with relevant local insights, to serve our clients optimally. Our focus is on the quality of the services which we provide to our clients.

Brent Consulta accompanies its clients through the lifecycle of their projects and assists them in achieving their growth strategies; from offering the relevant advice on structuring matters at the inception stage up to providing solutions at the exit stage.

Its innovative approach coupled with its ability to provide tailor-made solutions to the ever-evolving needs of the sophisticated financial market have been the linchpin of its success. It is important for you to protect yourself, your family and your business against unpredictable circumstances, with asset protection and succession planning both being essential components of a robust risk management plan.

Threats may come your way – country risks, market volatility, divorces, malpractice claims, lawsuits - and your first line of defence is to protect your assets. Brent Consulta assist with licensing of family businesses and residency permits – providing security for the whole family.

Major Growth Area

Post-Covid, the small island state has shown exceptional growth with property values increasing by between 20 and 40%, as pent-up demand from global buyers rapidly snapped up most property stock in the areas popular amongst South Africans, which include Black River, Tamarin and Grand Baie.

Many South African buyers have purchased properties in their personal capacity, which could cause problems in the case of death and resultant spousal inheritance.

Samina Jaffery stated, “A trust is a particularly good legal vehicle (as opposed to personal name) to house fixed assets, such as a house, as the property inheritance laws are based on the Napoleonic code which prescribes how property devolves in the case of death.

”Venture capitalists setting up new companies are also urged to set up structures to house these assets, typical an operating company owned by the trust.


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